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About Will Holly

William Holly is an ex-banker who has mastered the real estate industry. Prior to leaving the banking industry, he ascended to become one of the top bankers at Commerce Bank, and is also the former owner of Apex Mortgage. By the age of just 24 years old, Will started a real estate holding company and turned a six-figure profit after just three months in the business. He is one of the most creative deal makers in the tri-state area and currently the owner of Holly Nance Property Solutions, the #1 residential real estate investment firm “based on deal volume.” Since its inception in 2006, HNPS has turned around over 900 distressed assets for investors, private lenders and banks. HNPS has been nationally recognized as one of our countries top turn-key investment firms. He believes that focusing on important values such as trust, integrity and commitment are what makes any business profitable.

  • Board member of a private real estate related non-profit
  • Mentor in NJ Youth Challenge Program
  • Successful political campaign manager (P Holly-Ward Council at Large 2010)
  • Trenton Committee person
  • Member of NJ Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of Commanders Club (Financial Supporter of Disabled Veterans)
  • A-rated, Accredited BBB member
  • Former top Banker for Commerce Bank
  • Former Owner of APEX mortgage
  • Current owner of Holly Nance Property Solutions (HNPS)
  • Holly Nance Group (HNG) NJ is the # 1 residential real estate investment firm “based on deal volume.” Since its inception in 2006, HNG has turned around over 900 distressed assets for investors, private lenders and banks. HNPS has been nationally recognized as one of our countries top turn-key investment firms.
  • HNG Distressed Acquisitions is a subsidiary of HNG that does business under several LLC’s and LLP’s for liability and equity separation purposes. The Distressed Acquisitions Business has been involved in acquisitions or disposition of over 900 deals for banks, owners, lenders, attorneys, investment advisers, tax lien, and note holders. We are extremely proud to be a positive contributor to help repair our nation’s real estate problem. Our Distressed Acquisitions Department has set the bar pretty high by negotiating over 300 transactions for banks, lenders, brokers, realtors, property owners, and note holders just last year.
  • The Real Deal Wealth Builders consulting platform was developed via the day-to-day real estate insight straight from Will’s daily pipeline. It currently boasts an enrollment of students from across the United States. The course content is not the same recycled information that is available all over the internet from high-priced “gurus.” Instead, it consists of insider information from a REAL and active investor, that will allow you to not only get started, but to truly excel in the development of your real estate business.
  • The East Paul Project – converted an old shoe warehouse, shipping warehouse, vacant beauty salon, and run down apartments into 7 luxury apartments and office space.
  • NPP (Neighborhood Preservation Project) – The City of Neptune has recently called on HNC to fulfill a grant sponsored by the State of NJ to renovate a large portion of distressed properties. The project was completed at the end of 2011, and received rave reviews from the City, State, and residents.
  • Fannie and Freddie acquisition – Currently consulting bid management for 75 units due to up coming state inspections.
  • Helped over 50 investors (small and large) start and turn around their real estate portfolio.
  • East State Apartments – (16 units) Transition building over after receivership to private ownership. Removal of an unproductive Superintendent, and 10 unhealthy tenant relationships. Currently undergoing bid management for full renovation and releasing.


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  • Sample contracts and general documents
  • Digital textbook

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  • Monthly webinars
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  • And most importantly, videos of Will Holly doing REAL deals!  You will see firsthand what a real organization that flips 20 properties per month looks like. Most guru’s don’t provide this because they don’t do REAL deals, they simply make money off selling YOU courses and products!

Invest With Holly

I guarantee you can’t produce a better real estate portfolio than the one my team at HNG can provide for you. We have been in the same market for 8+ years. We get the best deals, hire the best contractors and have the best property management team. Our successful business model is designed to handle EVERY aspect of the transaction for our clients, so as a result all of the guesswork is completely removed from the equation We understand your time is extremely precious, so we’ve made it our purpose to not only provide you with solid returns on your investment (ROI), but also a return on your “time,” allowing you to completely focus on making your passive cash flow dreams a reality.

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Holly Nance Group is Will Holly’s real estate investing business. Over 9 years since it’s inception, Holly Nance Group services investors/buyers/lenders across the US and in 3 other countries. Subscribe to the HNG Investor List and let’s start building your real estate masterplan.


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